Bio Cool Description

Bio Cool

Bio Cool

Bio-Cool is combination of minerals such as magnesium, active carbon, tourmaline, red clay in granule, silver ceramic ball and phlogopite ceramic ball. It generates natural mineral alkaline reduced water.

Alkaline water with a high pH and reduced water with a low ORP PH (Potential of Hydrogen) is an index of acid and alkaline and ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) is the value showing oxidation and reducing power. In the case of water that we drink regularly, it is good to have alkaline reduced water with high pH value but low ORP value. Bio-Cool makes Alkaline Reduced Water with a higher pH and lower ORP compared to regular water which makes is ideal for our bodies. 

Bio-Cool specially combined for formation of alkaline mineral reduced water was put into generic filtered water. Then hourly changes of PH and ORP were recorded